Birch Tree Center provides short-term and recovery focused services. Our caring, highly-trained professional staff can help you:

  • Talk about your struggles with someone who understands and is focused on your healing
  • Gain tools to better cope with life's stresses
  • Reduce your emotional pain
  • Get respectful, professional medical treatment
  • Determine your inner strengths
  • Connect with friends that support your recovery
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalization and loss of independent living
  • Develop a personalized plan for health and wellness

The Birch Tree Center also provides the following services:

  • Psychiatric medical assessment
  • Crisis assessment, support and intervention
  • 24 Hour nursing care
  • Medication administration, management and monitoring
  • Short-term problem solving and┬árehabilitative services
  • Discharge/aftercare planning with referrals to further aftercare treatment
  • Symptom management and relapse prevention
  • Recovery focused care
  • Family support

Individuals admitted to the Birch Tree Center work with a mental health professional, or practitioner on a daily basis. Groups are provided to include psycho-education, symptom management, coping strategies and stress relief, etc. Contact is made with all existing providers, agencies and organizations involved in the treatment. Family, or other specific providers are facilitated to assist the individual in transitioning back to the community as soon as possible. The services are short-term and recovery focused.