Who Comes to Birch Tree Center?


Do you feel like you're alone?
Do your thoughts and emotions affect your ability to function in everyday life?
Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or hopeless?
Do you feel like your life is falling apart?

When your mind is unwell, your life and those you love can be effected.

Birch Tree Center is an accredited, non-religious, residential mental health center where adults in crisis go to find stability. We accept Medical Assistance and many other sources of funding.

While the primary purpose of Birch Tree Center is to provide residential mental health stabilization care, we are also a hub for the community. Stop in and talk with one of our friendly staff. We can help you identify and connect with resources to get the appropriate care you need for yourself, or someone you care about. No matter your financial or health insurance situation, Birch Tree Center can help you find your pathway to healing.